Who is an Elk?

Elks USA Logo

The Benevolent Protective Order of Elks is a nationwide organization of over 1 million of America’s finest citizens. We love our country and desire to preserve its cherished institutions, traditions and values; respect our neighbors and constantly seek to promote their well-being; love and enjoy life and believe this can be enhanced by sharing it with family, friends and all with whom we come in contact.

To Elks, laughter is better than tears, and a kind word more powerful than a frown. The dream of a better world becomes reality when shaped by enough willing hearts and hands.

Elks seek to bring into our family those who delight in wholesome associations with congenial companions, who possess a deep sense of patriotism, fair play and dedication to noble causes - a person who finds fulfillment in serving humanity, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, aiding those in distress and proving themselves to be true friends to all in need.

An Elk questions no one’s religion, excludes no one because of creed, race, ethnic origin, educational attainment, vocation, material status or physical stature. We measure character by what one is and does, not by titles or position. We do not ask you to change any beliefs, nor interfere with your present life, or act contrary to the dictates of your conscience. In point of fact, we encourage you to put your personal beliefs into practice more strongly in these areas. Your associates want you to enjoy life more by becoming a better American and humanitarian.

As an Elk, you joined with the millions of fine and noble American Elks who have helped better the destiny and way of life for countless thousands in our country for over a century and a quarter. Generosity is without fanfare and often without the recipient’s knowledge. You may even have been helped at some point along the way. We have always been there, quietly providing help and encouragement.