How can i contribute?

The Trustees may receive donations from any source in cash or in other property acceptable to them. Annual Gifts: Many donors make annual contributions as a part of their regular gift giving programs. Donors are recognized by placing their name on a large Honor Roll board in our Lodge Home. Memorial Gifts and Bequests: Memorial gifts are appropriate and are a lasting memory to loved ones, friends and associates who have passed on. You may designate the Trust as a recipient of memorial contributions. Members, their families, and public benefactors may desire to make the Trust Fund a beneficiary when making a will. Consult your attorney. “Your Gift Keeps on Working” Please Make a “Gift that Keeps Giving”. Do it today.



Fort Collins Elks Lodge No. 804

1424 East Mulberry Ave. Fort Collins, Colorado 80524


1. I want to contribute to this worthwhile program. Enclosed is my tax-deductible gift of $__________.


2. I will designate the Elks Trust Fund as a recipient of memorial gifts in case of my death.             Yes ______ No______


3. I will discuss a bequest to the Elks Trust Fund with my attorney. Yes ______ No______           (This statement does not constitute a binding obligation on my part to make the Trust Fund a beneficiary of my will.)


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