Guidelines for use of Veterans Pavilion


Revision 1 – February 2012

Guidelines for Use of Pavilion


1.       You may not bring your own alcohol on the premises.  All alcohol must be purchased through the Elk’s Lodge.  Arrangements for serving alcohol must be made thorough the Club Manager. 

2.       No beverages/containers of any kind (including pop/water, juice, etc.)  Are allowed past the fence or the “chained in area”.  Bartenders and the lodge are liable if this rule is not followed. 

3.       No glass containers (beverages) are allowed in the pavilion area.

4.       Be advised that we reserve the right to refuse alcohol to anyone.  At no time will anyone under the age of 21 consume alcohol.  We reserve the right to check identification and confiscate and forward questionable IDs to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department.


1.       For small groups of members and their guests (less than 20) there are no specific hours. However, please use good judgment.

2.       For larger groups – 20 or more.  The pavilion is available 11:00AM-10:00P. Reservations are required.   (SEE RESERVATIONS).


1.       There is a $50.00 fee for use of the Pavilion if food is not purchased through the lodge.  If food is purchased through the lodge there is no rental fee.

2.       A $100.00 deposit is required to use the Pavilion for a party of 20 or more.  This will be returned if the Pavilion is cleaned after your event.  You are responsible for cleaning the Pavilion.  Tools will be provided by the lodge for clean up.


1.       For parties larger than 20 the Pavilion must be reserved through the Club Manager.  Reservations will be taken and booked on a first come first served.

2.       Any non-member using the lodge must have an Elk sponsor.   


1.       You are responsible for cleaning the Pavilion after your event.  (See Cost/Rental Fee)


1.       One security guard is required per 20 people attending the event.  Security can only be provided by a licensed security firm.  The Elks must arrange for the security guard. The Lodge reserves the right to require security guards to be provided at the expense of the client for selected events.


1.       Any event involving the general public or advertised to the general public requires special events permit if alcohol is sold/available.   Application for a Special Events Permit required at least 60 days prior notice before the event.  The cost for the permit is $125.00 per event which is paid by the patron at the time of the signing of the contract for use of the Pavilion.   Contact the Club Manager to apply for the permit.  The lodge has to apply for the permit in our name. 

2.       The barbeque pit requires charcoal briquettes.  You must provide your own if the lodge is not providing the food for your event.  (See Cost/Rental Fee)

3.       The Club Manager and/or House Committee may make changes to these guidelines without notice.